Jordan Engine Cleaner Spray

  • Jordan Engine Cleaner Spray

    Jordan Engine Cleaner Spray is produced during a complex process by modern technology of the world relying on the company’s laboratory doctrine. The product cleans your car engine pollution, oils, pill acids, engine oils, grimes, salt and dust, providing conditions for better and easy functioning of your car.

    It is worth mentioning that using Jordan Engine Cleaner Spray causes revelation of technical failures in the car such as oil leakage, pill malfunctioning, hole in the radiator, leakage in the engine tubes. It also prevents more damages to the engine during the long term.


    – Maximum efficiency, quality and best results in comparison with the other similar products.

    – Easy usage without utilizing specific tools or equipment.

    – Increasing the longevity of the tubes, belts and rubber parts of the engine.


    Cleaning dirt, oil, grease, grime and other types of pollution from different types of engines, chains and rings.

Each carton contains : 15 sprays

Each carton weight : 6500 gr

Spray size : 500 ml

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