Jordan Fuel Injector Degreaser Spray

  • Jordan Fuel Injector Degreaser Spray

    Jordan fuel injector degreaser spray is produced by modern technology under the supervision of experienced laboratory staff and most modern formulation of the world. The product increases engine power, decreases fuel consumption up to 30%, decreases air pollution and increases engine life after washing injector needle which is covered with oily materials of petrol in the outlet region.

    Unlike other sprays available in the market, this product is made of raw materials, which are harmless for human health, being compatible with the environment and being produced based on modern standards of Europe.


    fuel injector washing

  • -Keep the spray below 500C, far from direct sunlight and in a cool and dry place.

    -Do not put the spray close to fire and other heat generator resources.

    -Keep the spray out of reach of children

    -Avoid keeping the spray inside the car

Each carton contains : 24 sprays

Each carton weight : 6500 gr

Spray size : 450 ml

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