Moyller Engine Degreaser Spray

  • Moyller Engine Degreaser Spray

    By its exclusive formulation, Moyller engine degreaser spray, in addition to having cleaning features and removing oily surfaces, grime, dirt, grease, etc. from car engine surfaces, motorcycles, bicycles and different types of machinery and industrial equipment, it leads to increasing lifetime of rubber parts.

  • firstly cover all of the sensitive parts with a plastic cover to prevent them from being wet or their probable destruction.

    Shake the spray well for 1 minute then spray it on the car engine completely from 30 cm distance.

    Wash the car engine with water after 5 minutes. After washing the engine .with water start the engine for 5 minutes and let it dry completely

Spray size : 500 ml

Each carton includes : 15 sprays

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