Muyller Fuel Injector Degreaser Spray

  • Muyller Fuel Injector Degreaser Spray

    Muyller fuel injector degreaser spray is a response to needs of special consumers, professional users and luxury automobiles.

    The spray has been designed and produced based on an exclusive and specific formulation. By its exclusive cleaning power, it renews fuel system and the air intake of the engine at the ideal condition, providing complete combustion and double power for the car engine.

  • firstly, shake the spray well. Then, open the engine air intake and spray the product into the air intake. Immediately, start the engine and while pushing the gas pedal spray the product to the air intake for several times. After that, return the air intake to its initial position. At this time a clean and powerful car is waiting for you

Spray size : 500 ml

Each carton includes : 24 sprays

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