About US

Products Features Tabriz Spray

  •   Modern technology

    Using advanced modern technology

  •   Compatible with environment

    Exclusive formulation of compatibility with the environment

  •   Scent diversity

    Scent diversity for specific industries and freshening car for long period of time

  •   anti dust

    Shine and prevent dust from staining due to electro-static properties

About US

Tabriz spray industrial group , which was founded in 2000 with the aim of producing different types of spray, now is one of the largest and most dynamic units of private sector in the field of producing different types of sprays for car, home appliances, industrial uses and cosmetics.

The ultimate goal of Tabriz spray group is to produce and supply products, which can meet consumers’ demands and needs specially in the field of quality and finished cost of the good. Relying on the expert, hard working personnel and employing research and development unit, exact quality control, Tabriz spray group now has succeeded to produce different types of sprays in Iran for the first time, conquer new markets and supply its products to international markets in order to compete with foreign producers, becoming a leading producer among local producers.

Throughout the company activity, Tabriz spray owes its reputation for introspective strategic management, which has caused improvement of technical knowledge, providing wide technical facilities and   introducing new horizons.